Saturday, January 3, 2015

So long 2014 ..... Hello 2015!

It's been a busy year for Jackson Purchase Paranormal Investigations, although not as busy as we would have liked it to have been. In 2013 we performed 13 investigations and in 2014 we have performed 15 (I had been hoping to reach 20 investigations ... maybe this year).

I had a friend make the comment today that perhaps the "paranormal fad" as it were was starting to settle down. Speaking for myself, I have been amazed at the number of paranormal groups that are here today and gone tomorrow. I guess there's a certain percentage of groups that are in it (paranormal investigating) for nothing more than the "thrill of the ride" with no intention of actually trying to help those affected along the way.

If that's the case I say GOOD RIDDANCE.

What we (the field) need are less teams and teams that are more focused on the data collection and scientific analysis of the findings. Unless you are among the teams that actually only "investigate" the "pay-to-play" locations ... and there appears to be large number of teams such as this, you must remember one thing. You are dealing with someone's emotional health and well being. Haphazardly throwing around the label "haunted" does no one any good, especially the clients.

A look back at 2015

2015 found the JPPI teams investigating private residences in Sesser, IL (January 18th), Hermitage, TN (January 25th), Paducah, KY (February 22nd and March 1st), Sikeson, MO (March 15th), Boaz, KY (April 12th), Pryorsburg, KY (April 18th), Paducah, KY (April 25th), Eldorado, IL (May 2nd),  Paducah, KY (June 6th), Metropolis, IL (June 13th), Benton, KY (June 14th), Brookport, IL (October 4) and Paducah, KY (November 22).
We also participated in one "pay-to-play" event, that being Octagon Hall in Franklin, KY, on March 28th. Octagon Hall is almost like a pilgrimage for our team. The place is authentic in every detail and paranormally very active. We have every intention of going again sometime this year.

We also paid a visit (unofficially as it were) to the Bell Witch Cave in Adams (Northwestern), TN, where Sue Ellen captured this anomalous mist appearing out of nowhere. Is this the Witch???? Who knows, but at the time we were some 500 feet into the cave and the inside temp was in the 60's which sort rules out any temperature / climate causes..

All in all a good year ... we're just looking for more clients to help along the way as we move into 2015!

Happy New Year!!

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